Girlie Show World Tour

The Girlie Show World Tour (1993)







Settembre 1993
25 Wembley Stadium, London UK
26 Wembley Stadium, London UK
28 Bercy, Paris France
29 Bercy, Paris France 
Ottobre 1993
01 Bercy, Paris
04 Park, Tel Aviv Israel
07 Inonu Stadium, Istanbul Turkey
10 Toronto Skydome, Toronto Canada
12 Toronto Skydome, Toronto Canada
14 Madison Square Garden, New York USA
15 Madison Square Garden, New York
17 Madison Square Garden, New York USA
19 The Spectrum, Philadelphia USA
21 The Palace, Michigan USA
23 Olympic Stadium, Montreal Canada
26 Juan Ramon Stadium, Bayamon Puerto Rico
30 River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires Argentina
31 River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires Argentina 
Novembre 1993
03 Estadio Do Morumbi, Sao Paulo Brazil
06 Estadio Do Maracana, Rio De Janeiro Brazil
10 Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City Mexico
12 Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City Mexico
13 Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City Mexico
19 Cricket Ground, Sydney Australia
24 Anz Stadium, Brisbane Australia
26 Cricket Ground, Melbourne Australia
27 Cricket Ground, Melbourne Australia
29 Cricket Ground, Melbourne Australia 
Dicembre 1993
01 Oval, Adelaide Australia
03 Cricket Ground, Sydney Australia
04 Cricket Ground, Sydney Australia
07 Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka Japan
08 Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka Japan
09 Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka Japan
13 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan
14 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan
16 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan
17 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan
19 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan


Director and Production Designer: 
 Christopher Ciccone 
Musical Director: 
 Jai Winding 
Entire Production Staged by: 
 Jeffrey Hornaday 
Choreographed by: 
 Alex Magno
Keith Young 
Additional Choreography by: 
 Michelle Johnston
Niki Haris 
Costumes by: 
 Dolce & Gabbana 
Additional Costumes:
 Rob Saduski 
 Jai Winding
Michael Beardon 
  Paul Pesco
 Victor Baley 
 Omar Hakim 
 Luis Conte 
Additional Keyboards: 
 Mike McKnight 
Background Vocals: 
 Niki Haris
Donna DeLory 
 Ungela Brockman
Christopher Childers
Michael Gregory
Carrie Ann Inaba
Jill Nicklaus
Ruth Inchaustegui
Luca Tommassini
Carlton Wilborn 
Personal Manager:
 Freddy DeMann


The Girlie Show Theme

Rain / Just My Imagination / Singing In The Rain
Express Yourself
Deeper And Deeper
Why’s It So Hard
In This Life

The Beast Within

Like A Virgin
Bye Bye Baby
I’m Going Bananas
La Isla Bonita
Justify My Love
Everybody Is A Star / Everybody

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