The Telegraph: Madonna la più grande artista donna

Il The Telegraph ha stilato la classifica delle più grandi artiste donne della storia: Madonna è al n°1

Ecco cosa scrive il quotidiano:

madonna_the telegraph

1. Madonna

Love her or loathe her, it would be hard to deny Madonna’s pole position as the greatest female pop star of our times. Her world-beating, shape-shifting, trend-setting and at times ground breaking pop music has covered the gamut of female archetypes: virgin, whore, wife, mother, witch, diva, saint, sinner and 50-year-old cheerleader, and put it all to dance beats and catchy hooks. She might not be the greatest singer, she may not be the finest songwriter, she may favour surface over depth and make music that barely ripples the soul, but Madonna’s pop genius has carried her on a three decade winning streak that no other star, male or female, can match.

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