Mike Dean parla del suo lavoro con Madonna per il Rebel Heart Tour

In un’intervista a The Fader, il produttore e compositore texano Mike Dean (che ha lavorato anche con Kanye West) ha parlato del suo lavoro con Madonna per il Rebel Heart Tour. Ecco cosa ha dichiarato:

– Per il tour sta cercando di fondere i brani del passato con il nuovo materiale utilizzando lo stesso sound che utilizza adesso. In questo momento stanno lavorando su “Holiday”

(grazie a AllaboutMadonna per la segnalazione)

What are you working on these days?

I’m working on Madonna’s tour right now, helping her put her show together. It’s cool: taking old songs and making the old stuff match the new stuff. I try to use all the same sounds I use on music now. Drums. Replace bass lines with 808s. Trap snares, hi-hats—all that shit. It’s kind of cool. We’re working on “Holiday” right now.

What’s the most important part of translating songs for performance?

With Kanye, we don’t do that much. We just add stuff on top of the tracks—add new stuff. It’s different every day, depending on how you feel; there’s nothing written in stone with how we play. Madonna’s more locked in with all her performances, but she has surprises every night—a big giant production.

For about the last five, six years I’ve been playing with Kanye, touring. It’s been interesting. Definitely makes you understand how to produce, understand the crowd. Definitely helps with your studio shit. What works.

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